Pre School Program

Our Pre School Program starts at age 2 with our Dance Together classes through to 3 years Twinkle Toes and 4 years Tiny Tots. We also offer Tippity Tap and Tumbling to start their dance journey.

2 Years Dance with Me

Designed for children who are 2 turning 3 to share their passion for dance with whom they feel comfortable with.
This class entails all things FUN through music, dance, tumbling, props, instruments and lots more whilst learning gross motor skills such as balancing, jumping, skipping, galloping.
This is a cherished class for little ones who are keen to dance but not quite ready to do it alone.
Our aim is to have FUN.
(45 minutes)

3 years Twinkle Toes

Designed for children who are 3 turning 4 focusing on Ballet, Jazz and Singing.
Our aim is to have FUN and designed to create the love of dance and performing.
In this class they are stepping out on their own and learning how to follow directions, become creative with their imaginations and form special bonds within our dance community.
Our students are captivated by the fun & loving approach of our beautiful teachers through energetic games, songs & dance skills.
(45 minutes)

4 years Tiny Tots

Designed for children who are 4 turning 5.
This class further enhances their skills in Ballet, Jazz and introducing Musical Theatre as well as emphasising the FUN factor.
Children will study the first level of BBO Introduction to Ballet syllabus (with the option of sitting their first ballet exam).
Our students are learning to follow directions, listen to our teachers, take turns and participate in a structured environment.
(45 minutes)


3-4yrs Tippity Tap

This class allows our little dancers to learn rhythm and musicality through the sounds of their tap shoes.
This is the first stepping stone of our levels using musical instruments to enhance the development of their timing and creativity.
(30 minutes)

3-4yrs Tumbling

This class is an educational gym play program for children aged 3-4 years that helps to develop and refine gross motor-skills. 
The class encourages children to challenge themselves and explore their physical abilities in a safe environment, developing their confidence and coordination. 
Our students have fun, develop balance, strength & flexibility whilst being introduced to tumbling skills. 
Our teachers are certified through the Acrobatic Arts AcroDance Program.
(45 minutes)

Our School Programs

From 5yrs and up is where our students get to choose from several genres.  We start to focus on developing a strong technical foundation and building confidence in a fun & positive learning environment.  We are increasing skill levels, refining technique and developing artistry.  Students are invited to participate in Eisteddfods, Exams, Workshops & our Performing Group.

Junior Stars Program

Designed for children who are 5 and 6 years.  Our 1½ hour program is built around learning the fundamentals of technique in Ballet, Jazz & Musical Theatre..  Using the variety of 3 genres keeps our young dancers constantly learning and excited.  Our content is fun, current and always age-appropriate.  Our Junior Stars have an additional option of Tap and/or Acro Dance to add to their repertoire.


Ages 5-6.  BBO’s Pre Primary Tap (30 minutes)

Ages 5-6.  Primary Acro Dance Class (45 minutes)

Our Styles

We cater for all ages and abilities and are very proud of our danceability classes.

Dance IS for everyone, and it is something we live by.

Please get in touch with us to discuss your particular needs.


An artistic form of elegant and refined movements, ballet training at Kellehers Dance Academy promotes good posture, coordination, flexibility, poise and strength, while developing confidence and self-esteem within each individual.  Ballet is a technical and strict dance style.    Ballet is the most beneficial form of dance for body placement,  we highly recommend if any student wishes to improve their technique and move on to more advanced levels of dance then 2 ballet classes per week are required to achieve these results.

Teaching the British Ballet Organisation Syllabus (“BBO”) and open classes, opportunities exist for both the young enthusiastic dancer and the aspiring professional student.   Classes are available for both boys and girls starting from Introduction to Ballet right through to Solo Seal.  Students are encouraged to participate in examinations however this is not compulsory.  If you are participating in Grade 4 and upwards you are required to attend 2 classes per week to achieve the best results in these levels.


Tap is a fun, technical & rhythmically challenging style of dance, which gives the student a greater understanding of musicality.   Tap builds on a percussive style that can accentuate rhythms or make music of its own. 

Tap is a style of dance distinguished by percussive footwork that marks out precise rhythmic patterns on the floor.  Our Tap syllabus is through BBO London which commences from Pre Primary Tap right through to Advance 2 Tap.  We encourage our students to participate in examinations however it is not compulsory.


A modern and energetic style of dance for all ages that combines popular music with strong and dynamic movement.  Jazz classes offer a unique and fun program that promotes both fitness and flexibility. 

Our Jazz syllabus is through the CSTD and our students are encouraged to participate in examinations however this is not compulsory.  Our examinations commence from Pre Modern Jazz right through to Modern Jazz 9.  

Musical Theatre

Junior Musical (7-11 years) and Senior Musical  (12 yrs and over)   This class teaches our students the art of stage presence learning through Singing as well as Acting and Dance skills.   Choreography is taught in the style of Broadway musicals hence why we ask students to be enrolled in a jazz class at least once a week.  Musical Theatre is encouraged throughout our school as it keeps them a well-rounded performer.   Our students over time develop confidence dramatically, creativeness and lots of imagination.  Experience in Musical Theatre elevates the student’s career options to perform in Musicals and Commercial Dance in the future.

Contemporary /Lyrical

Extending classical boundaries, contemporary offers the dancer the emotional freedom and expression through abstract movement.  Contemporary ballet is a form of dance influenced by both classical ballet and modern dance.  It takes technique from Classical Ballet although permits a greater range of freedom in body movement. 

Our students enjoy learning the technique Contemporary, expressive, creative and Lyrical movement.  Students are able to extend on their strengths and skill learning to be interpretive in the style of Dance that is so important in today’s Dance Industry to both the Dancers and Choreographers.

It is a requirement to attend at least one Classical Ballet lesson per week to assist with the technique skills in this genre,

Hip Hop

(Junior Hip Hop – 5-11yrs)   (Senior Hip Hop 12yrs+)

Hip Hop dance is a modern fusion between Jazz & Street dancing.  This includes a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking, popping, isolation exercises and teaching our students how to move different parts of their body separately.   This popular, fun and energizing form of dance is one of the few disciplines in which personal style and creativity are considered to be very important.

Acro Dance

Primary to Advance levels.  Acro Dance develops a good foundation of strength and flexibility where the emphasis is placed on extensive conditioning, stretch and strength training whilst learning backflips, layouts, aerials and walkovers.    Acro Dance offers more depth and variety to the Students dancing and creates a much more versatile dancer especially those wishing to further their career in the performing industry.  Our Acro Dance teachers are fully certified in the “Acrobatic Arts” syllabus. We highly recommend participating in a Jazz or Classical Ballet lesson once a week to enhance the skills of the student.  These classes primarily focus on skill level rather than age.

Eisteddfods/ Performance Teams

Group Eisteddfods provide an excellent foundation for the aspiring performer. Students work hard to reach a high standard of technique and performance and learn self-discipline and commitment. Eisteddfod kids build great friendships through this fun, team experience.

If you have a young performer that loves the stage Kellehers Dance Academy offers a variety of genres for team performance opportunities. High expectations are the launch pad for high achievements. Our students gain great confidence, self esteem and perspective in the process. 

Ballroom / Latin

Annalee Beckman will be offering adult Ballroom & Latin dance classes to the Bayside community. We offer a fun, friendly, and professional environment for you to learn a variety of styles of social dancing.  Group and private lessons are available.  Social Latin and Ballroom dances available are: Rumba, Salsa, Merengue, Bachata, Waltz, Foxtrot, Tango, East Coast Swing, Rumba, Cha Cha, Mambo, Hustle and Wedding Dance. 

Adult Classes

Adult Stretch & Pilates

This class is designed to stretch the whole body whilst giving those deeper muscles a much deserved workout.  Classes are stimulating, light hearted and put together in a way that can be enjoyed by all fitness levels.


Adult Jazz Fit

Jazz fit is a full body workout that uses every muscle group while also burning calories through cardio.  It consists of putting together choreographed sequences and routines to create a dynamic workout that is designed for fun – something you will look forward to each week.  It is high energy and as we said so much fun!!

Adult Tap Classes

Get on your feet and make some noise !!! No previous experience necessary. Tap dance has so many benefits for your mind & body.  Improves your memory (retaining a combination of steps) & coordination, helps to develop your musicality & timing, assists to maintaining your balance & reflexes and a great way to meet new friends and socialise.



Danceability Classes

Designed for children and adults with Disabilites

Junior Gems & Senior Groovers – Special Needs Program

​Designed for Children and Adults with Disabilities.  

Our students become better prepared to meet challenges and find the courage to perform in front of others.   At Kellehers Dance Academy we integrate our dancers with and without disabilities which is why we are a wonderful dance community, a family.  

Our Students learn to discover and develop creativity, teamwork and self esteem.   We have found that our dancability program has improved:  

  • Their eye contact with others
  • They make more physical contact 
  • They move in synchrony with others
  • They learn how to take directions
  • They learn self expression and physical self confidence.

Our students have grown from shy, low self esteem individuals to blossoming and even wanting to take centre stage belting out their favourite tune and achieving dreams they never thought were possible.  Young men walking into the studio too shy to dance but now breaking out into all the popular Hip-Hop moves across the floor.

Kellehers Dance Academy is an equal opportunity dance school and principal Megen Kelleher is a big believer of this.  Megen believes the labels of development, intellectual or physical disabilities disappear once a person young or old manifests the true meaning of dance, music & song.

Dance Studio

121 Bay Terrace

Wynnum QLD 4178

0414 188 696

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Studio One

Studio Two

Studio Three

9am - 9:45am

Tiny Tots (4yrs)

Twinkle Toes (3yrs)

9:45am - 10:30am

Dance With Me (2yrs)

Tiny Tumbling (3-4yrs) 9:45am - 10:15am

3.30pm – 4.45pm

Junior Stars Program (5/6yrs) 

Intermediate Hip Hop (7-11yrs) 3:45pm-4:30pm

4:45pm – 5:15pm

Junior Stars Tap (5/6yrs)

Senior Hip Hop (12yrs+) 4:30pm-5:30pm

5.30pm – 6:30pm

Intermediate Contemporary & Lyrical


Intermediate Foundation Ballet

Syllabus & Pointe Work

Intermediate Ballet

Syllabus & Pointe Work

6:30pm – 7:30pm

Senior Contemporary & Lyrical (12yrs+)

Adult Beginners Tap (Level 2)

7:30pm – 8:30pm

Open Jazz Class


Studio One

Studio Two

Studio Three

3:30pm-4:45pm Intermediate Danceability (Children with Special Needs) 3:30pm-4:15pm

Junior Stars (5/6yrs)

4:45pm-5:30pm Grades 1-3 Ballet (Extra Exam Work and Progressive Ballet Technique)

Grades 4 & 5 Ballet (Extra Exam Work and Progressive Ballet Technique)


5:30-6:15pm All Boys Jazz (11yrs+)

Intermediate Musical Theatre (7-11yrs) 5:30pm-6:30pm

6:30-7:30pm Adult Intermediate Tap  Senior Musical Theatre (12yrs+)
7:30pm-8:15pm Adult Jazz Fit

Open Tap Class (Advanced Level)




Studio One

Studio Two

Studio Three


Dance With Me  (2yrs)


Twinkle Toes & Tiny Tots (3-4 yrs)

Senior Danceability (Teenagers and Adults with special needs)
4:15-5:15pm Grade 5 Ballet Intermediate Foundation Ballet Intermediate Ballet
5:15-6:15pm Modern Jazz 4 & 5 BBO 7 & Intermediate Tap


BBO 5 & 6 Tap


Modern Jazz 6 & 7
7:15-8:15pm Open Ballet Class


Studio One

Studio Two

Studio Three


Tiny Tots (4yrs)

Twinkle Toes (3yrs)

Tippity Tap (3-4yrs)



3:30-4:15pm All Boys Junior Jazz (5/6yrs)
4:15-5:15pm Grade 1 & 2 Ballet (7-8yrs) Grade 3 Ballet (9yrs) Grade 4 Ballet (10yrs)
5:15-6:15pm Modern Jazz 2 & 3 (9-10yrs) Junior Modern Jazz (7yrs) Modern Jazz 1 (8yrs)
6:15-7:00pm Primary & BBO 1 Tap (7-8yrs) BBO 2 Tap (9yrs) BBO 3 & 4 Tap (10-11yrs)
7-8pm Adult Beginners Tap (Level 1) Ladies Latin


Studio One

Studio Two

Studio Three


Twinkle Toes (3 yrs)

Tiny Tots (4yrs)

Dance With Me


Tiny Tumbling

(3-4yrs) 9:45am -10:15am 


8 Years & Under Eisteddfod Team (Invitation only)

10 Years & Under Eisteddfod Team (Invitation only)




Studio One

Studio Two

Studio Three


Twinkle Toes (3yrs)

Tiny Tots (4yrs)

Dance With Me (2yrs)

Junior Stars (5-6yrs)

Tiny Tumbling (3-4yrs)



Beginners Acro Dance


Junior Stars Tap (5/6yrs)


Primary Acro Dance

11:45am-12:15pm LUNCH LUNCH
12:15pm-1:15pm Intermediate Acro Dance
1:15pm-2:15pm Advanced Acro Dance
2:15pm - 3:45pm 15 Years & Under Eisteddfod Team (Invitation Only)